Series production

How it works
By using digital print technology, we can ‘series produce’ many different book titles automatically one after the other, as long as the format and paper type are the same.

And the savings are eye-catching at a typical 35-40%.

You naturally decide the print run and number of pages in your book yourself.

Lower start-up costs
The savings from using series production occur since we have lower start-up costs

We avoid having to change paper, set the cutting knifes, glue binders, etc.

Series production, no thank you
We naturally continue to offer to specially produce your book in the exact format and paper type you want, but the savings are less than with series production.

Other benefits
In addition to the savings on printing, digital book production (and series production in particular) gives a number of other advantages.

1. Less capital binding
An order as mentioned above (1 x 1,000 copies, 1 x 500 copies and 2 x 250 copies) would normally be printed as 4 x 1,000 copies in traditional offset printing. Based on our own price list, this gives a saving of 43% on capital binding in stocks with an equivalent saving of cash credit without increasing the print price per book above traditional offset printing.

2. Storage space and management
Fewer books in stock means savings on storage space and less management.

3. No write-off for unsellable titles
As books can now be produced in small runs, without affecting purchase price, the risk of ending up with unsellable titles and the accompanying write-off is naturally reduced.

More digital books are currently sold in the USA than print books, so there is no doubt that the print market is undergoing change, and this is linked to a significant risk of ordering books in too-large print runs.

Savings with series production

Four titles are ordered at the same time:
• Format 140 x 220 mm.
• Cover: 4+4, 260 g Chromocard
• Contents: 1+1, 100 g Munken Print Cream-papir, 1,5 bulk .

Our standard price
1.000 copies of 320 pages (1,50 £. each) 1.511 £.
500 copies of 160 pages (1,20 £ each) 605 £.
250 copies of 320 pages (2,05 £ each) 515 £.
250 copies of 600 pages (3,10 £. each) 800 £.
Total 3.432 £.
The savings due to using series production
If a total of 2,000 books are ordered, this is calculated on an item price for 2,000 items, but with an addition of 3 x ‘switch to new title’ (3 x 90£).

1,000 copies of 320 pages (1,3 £ each). 1.334 £
500 copies of 160 pages (0,8 £ each). 390 £
250 copies of 320 pages (1,3 £ each). 342 £
250 copies of 600 pages (2,2 each). 570 £
Supplement for 3 x title switch 273 £.

Total 2.637 £

The savings are 795 £, corresponding to 23%.

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